Piper 57


Ask yourself – what can you really give? What is it that you can genuinely offer other people?

Piper has asked herself that a lot – and the answer clearly is quite a lot: The reason Piper writes her songs are the emotions she has felt. Piper said herself “I have gone through some pretty extreme situations, learned my lessons” and this is what she is now passing on to her audience… In a sweet, extraordinary and charismatic way.

Originally from northern Germany, after a zigzag through Europe and studies in International Music Management in the Netherlands, Piper finally came to Berlin in pursuit of the opportunities to realize her art to the fullest. She was lucky, came upon the right people in the right moment, producers and artists like Pascal Martin and A Girl Called Frank that helped her along her path, all the way until where she is now.

Piper never took too much advice, she always wants to live the experience by herself. And that is also reflected in her Songs: 

“Every experience on the outside goes along with something internal.
And I share these experiences with my fans.”

Piper’s tracks are electronic, Hyperpop and danceable, but underneath the surface of catchy pop tunes lies a myriad of intimate messages. Her songs give advice, counsel, and a tiny nudge when it is needed – just the track you want to have in your favorite songs’ playlist.

Piper is on her way for more. LA, London, New York – she is on the lookout for the best artists out there, always wanting to learn from the best, and to meet the people that inspire her. Her point is that music should strike you, there is so many artists who simply go with the current, who are not authentic – while Piper just takes what comes and puts these emotions into her catchy, energetic hits.

She produces many of her demos herself. In an endeavor to be more independent, Piper not only learned composition and writing techniques from early on, but she is also proficient in her studio setting. This is a skill she recommends acquiring to many young artists: “You have to get out there and be able to learn. Share what you have and take the lessons from people that truly inspire you.”

Piper will keep on moving, Berlin is only a momentary stop for her. “I already want to get out again”, she says, “I want to learn new stuff, be around people and see new places. There’s so many experiences waiting out there, and I can’t wait to turn them into music.”


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