'Grateful' by ORIAN Out Now

Ask You Twice Acoustic Version Out Now

ORIAN is back with his new song 'Grateful' which serves as a social statement for the current global context.

'Grateful' by ORIAN Out Now
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‘Grateful’Out Now!


Irish songwriter ORIAN returned with his song ‘Ask You Twice’ in September 2020. Now he is back again with a new thoughtful and moving track about letting those close to you in.  

Grateful, which ORIAN wrote together with Craig Walker and was produced by ANDOR, is full of understated harmonics with crisp pop guitar melodies that give ORIAN’s soulful voice an emotional weight to his words and an epic and swelling ambiance.

With the current global situation, we all deal with difficult circumstances and struggles that are personal to us. Some people might have experienced loss, others might feel alone, and others might feel trapped. The only thing we can rely on, in times like this, are the people who surround and trust us. Therefore, Grateful resonates, not only with ORIAN himself but also with the audience, more than ever.

Grateful reflects ORIAN’s vulnerability and the importance of having people around you to rely on when you need them the most. His lyrics are reflective, humble, and grounded - something that is appreciated and longed for during these times. ORIAN recorded a Live stripped-back version of the track during his quarantine in Berlin. Check out the video on the ORIAN Music YouTube channel.


Grateful reminds us that it is important to be there for people and have people you can confide in during difficult times. In short, ORIAN wants to spread the message that we should be there for each other and be Grateful for the people we surround ourselves with.

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