Musicians in Corona times - Interview with A Girl Called Frank

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Musicians in Corona times - Interview with ORIAN

A Girl Called Frank explains how the current pandemic is influencing her music, the challenges she is facing, and how she is dealing with it. Read the full interview to find out.

Musicians in Corona times - Interview with A Girl Called Frank
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What first got you into music? 

I can’t remember an exact event that got me into music, only events that got me a huge way further into it, like listening to Coldplay for the first time. But the first very intense moment that got me connected to music was watching the Russian Mary Poppins version — that final song was so beautiful, it made me cry for days. I think I would still cry today if I hear it again. 

You chose to go by the artist name of A Girl Called Frank, can you tell us a little about how you came to that name and the meaning behind it?

Well, Frank Sinatra was an inspiration. Also, I like girls having male names in general, especially if there is a strong second meaning to it — no-brainer.


How would you describe your music?

 The music I make is a good mix of artists I’ve listened to throughout my life. I would describe it as New Age R’n’B’ with Grunge influences but also pop influences - Black cotton candy.


What is your creative process?  

Here is only one rule for me: Try to write something every day. However, the process itself is different every time! My creative process depends on how open I am at this particular moment, and that’s it! People are different, moods are different, so there is nothing I can rely on but my openness. Sometimes it’s a title that inspires me and I start writing around it. Sometimes it’s a hook. Other times, it’s something someone said on the train. You never know what building block you need to get the result, but you will get there when you stay open. But, when I write for others I like to interact with them for a while before we start writing.


Now that we are dealing with a global pandemic which has affected a lot of sectors, one of which is music, how have you been coping with the shutdown of the music industry?

Because I was not really active in the live sector, but rather in the studio sector, it was not too bad for me to deal with the whole situation. At one point it even took the pressure off. I mean, I miss the 'real' everyday sessions and hangouts a lot, for sure. Also, I was so sad for all the musicians out there who had concerts and tours planned, but on the other hand, we found so many ways to stay connected!


What has been the biggest challenge for you as a musician during this pandemic?

To stay sane and productive! 


Did the pandemic affect your creative process and your music, if so could you explain how?

I wrote definitely less during the pandemic. It felt like a reset for me. 


In your opinion, what is the most important thing a musician can do during this time?

Meditate, find creative ways, try to stay busy, and work on your skills. Using that time as effectively as possible means investing in yourself, and that means your music.


What are your plans for the future, music-wise, are you currently working on new releases?

I already have a rough schedule for 2021 and lots of music that’s in the finishing process. Currently, I am indeed working on a new single — but I’ll take my time with that one. In the near future, I want to release more for sure. 

Photo by Anna Motschmann