La Haine

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September 7, 2018

Rookley releases a new single "La Haine" and brings dark colors to shine

La Haine
September 7, 2018
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Did you ever feel La Haine, the hate?

Hate adapted underneath a surface, just a membrane above held-back pressure. Being yet part of the controlled, the well-behaving, the tired, on-the-edge to losing it generation.

Rookley puts out her astounding track “La Haine”.

The 6 months of silence down in her NY studio where a boost of creative energy. La Haine’s movie-inspired appeal soaks into the mind like fluid. The track is inspired by the 1995 Mathieu Kassowitz motion picture. And it brings in all the city vibes the streets of New York gave into Rookley’s ears.

Rookley resembles the modern urban spirit, and with her new Single „La Haine“, she lands pin-point on the struggle of these strangled by city-life. We exist looking out to be „true“ again. La Haine brings out this nostalgia, it means 'hate' in French, to hate and yet move on.

La Haine wouldn't scare you, it's just letting you know: I'm there. When the surface breaks, new daylight may shimmer through grey urban skies. And that is what it sounds like. La Haine's production and the ticking, rolling pace between Jamie XX and a Gorillaz-inspired beat brings back the memories of our favourite 00's tracks. A clear synth line, a melody to a busride, to a stroll along a site you once knew, to take a walk after a breakdown.

Rookley gave this track an intricately panned production to rise the impression of New York's afternoons and repeated one-week runs. The track boasts with its organic Lorn-like bass melody, gets in between your ears and holds you there until it's done. With her new Single La Haine, Rookley gives you a safe candidate for your favourite Urban / Electronica Playlist. La Haine is subtle, clear, Rookley's statement for an autumn in a Metropole.

The Fantastic Photo for the Artwork was taken from Masto in the late 60's - Thank you.