'What Pulls You' by ORIAN Out Now!

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ORIAN's new track 'What Pulls You' tells the story of how a culture rules by toxic masculinity directly affects people. At the same time he spreads a message of self acceptance.

'What Pulls You' by ORIAN Out Now!
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What Pulls You’ by ORIAN Out Now!


‘What Pulls You’ is the first single of 2021 and the third track of ORIAN’s upcoming EP. He wrote this song already in 2019 together with Will Church and is releasing it now. The track is very raw and personal and takes the listener on a journey. It tells the story of ORIAN’s teenage years up until now, and the culture of toxic masculinity that was present in different environments and stages of his life.


He describes how this culture made a lot of people feel like they could not speak up, show pain, and could only present themselves as tough, without emotions - How it made a lot of people feel inadequate, how it taught them to ignore their bodies, and minds. Although this attitude is corrosive, damaging, and wrong, it might still be present in some situations nowadays. Nowadays, with our continuously evolving society, those situations are less present than in the past and people are more encouraged to be themselves, show their emotions, and support and respect others.


ORIAN overcame these struggles with the help of music and his friends who have been there for him throughout the years. Music taught him that he had to feel, be kind to himself, and others, the importance of communication, and that it’s OK not to feel OK.


ORIAN explains that he only started realising that it’s OK to be himself and didn’t need to hide his emotions from anybody when he started university. That communication with someone you trust is key, and how much he hated how this toxic culture made him feel. He learned that he no longer needed to justify himself or his emotions in exchange for external validation. ORIAN states that the biggest thing he learned was the real definition of being ‘tough’. It wasn’t a term to describe physical strength or emotionless rationalism, but he understood that it was more about the measure of the heart. Essentially, this is the main message “What Pulls You” tries to bring across to the audience.


Toxic masculinity is, nowadays, a big topic of discussion. The music video shows the struggles and consequences that occur to people who suffer under this toxic society.

The music video of ‘What Pulls You is emotional, real, and sentimental. The storyline conveys ORIAN’s message perfectly.


'What Pulls You' is available on all streaming platforms!