May 4, 2019



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DALEE in on! The arabic-german R’n’B singer releases her debut Single on April fifth through Aimend. Her soulful energetic opening track promises our R’n’B Charts a new ladyship!

The name of DALEE’s new single is Supernova, and will be featured on her first EP released on the berlin-based label Aimend. Drawing inspiration from timeless Soul & R’n’B, DALEE developed her era bridging style, telling her story in a modern sound spectrum.

Connecting art with day-to-day experiences her open hearted approach combines jazzy melody lines with lofi  sound aesthetics. DALEE comes from the western part of Germany, has her artistic roots in London and Iraq and is based in Berlin right now. She draws influences from fellow artists like Floetry and Jill Scott. DALEE is the modern-day Audrey Hepburn, combining an avid fighting spirit with a bright naiveté. Taking up Viola at the age of 6, she began piano lessons three years later and by the age of 14, she was composing her own manifold material.

The track Supernova introduces into DALEE’s storyline. Her next releases will disclose the chapters of her first EP little by little.

Full of feel and softness, her voice wraps around the ears and spill a drop of pure rose-red joy into your brain. Leon P’s productions give her new track the proper kick. The perfect tonality of sweet mellow ripeness and a touch of peach skin deliver the listener softly upon a bed of silk cushions.

Over the next releases, DALEE will expose the full extend of her biography. „I'm taking the audience on a journey, a journey shared for everyone.” She says.DALEE tells stories about the setbacks in life, and how they can be overcome with an open heart. In the radiating mixture between Neo Soul music and her arabic roots, DALEE allows only for a single description to her music: “pure”.

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