August 30, 2017



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‘Melatonin’ points out Rookley's thriving, blooming ambience style with a strong, pushing urban influence. The track is product of nights without sleep and his immediate creative urges and melatonin being the steering element in human day & night-rhythm.

The track splits between agitation and release, flurry percussive breaks at the beginning and uplifting onsets of singing, vibrant midtones, Restlessly the rhythm reaches forward, until finding itself opening up into a dim, blurry night dancefloor. Melatonin is full of longing and bit of the desire to live in Berlin back in the 90s, yet fully infused with the feeling of nowadays big city-life. The ringing synths appear from the second half of the track, riding on a wave of humming bass, whereas an abundance of detailed sounds complete the organic sound spectrum.

The story of ‘Melatonin’ is about a night without sleep, and the exacerbated rhythm of the creative working process. It’s a split between anxiety and celebration, introduced through the pressure of feeling, and the release by a dancing crowd. It is danceable, Melatonin is a track that moves the heartbeat [and your feet], yet also inspires the ambience of nostalgia, a hint of longing and desire.

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