September 19, 2019


A Girl Called Frank

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The Finish-Armenian singer and songwriter A GIRL CALLED FRANK releases her debut single! Set out to build her own artist career, she releases the track “Sabotage” via her own Label FRANKLY on 19.09.19.

Together with Jan & Lavon Van der Toorn, FRANK wrote and produced her first Single to be released. SABOTAGE is a contemporary pop song with alt-rock mixed with bass driven electronica and R’n’B influences.

FRANK lends inspiration from different genres, growing up with a strong rock influence she developed her tastes through stylish underground electronica and contemporary R’n’B but as a child of the 90’s of course, she always finds her way back to pop music. Everything with a strong message or a new approach grasps her attention, so it happens that in one second she is grooving to Burial’s evolving garage vibes, and in the other tearing up over the emotional song writings of Alec Benjamin.

F**k genres is thrown around a lot these days, but FRANK actually incorporates it.

Sabotage starts off with a massive synth scenery, entering her vulnerable, forceful voice. On hard, dominant bass drums she almost drowns with the words “I self sabotage like a Pro it’s an art / And I don’t mind company / If you don’t mind the honesty” – just when the production of Jan van der Toorn builds up. A flowing chorus with heartbreaking vocals comes in and ends on a violent reveal.

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