AIMEND is a Berlin-based artist management company and record label.

We put forward an integral approach towards honest artist care and high quality music. We do music publishing, sync and marketing campaigns and are focused on representing Music as Art. 

Founded in 2017 with the help of our first musicians, music producer and label staff, AIMEND quickly became a hub for music business in Berlin. From there, we extended our network of creators, managers and musicians.

Now we are working together with music industry stakeholders from New York, LA, Stockholm, Milan, London and the world. We aim to provide honest, clear and straightforward service to our clients and highest standard music releases to our audience.

Our services include music distribution and supervision, social media marketing, brand strategy development and artist development. What we stand for is straight talk, art and genuine emotion in our music.

A photo from the Artist DALEE
A Photo from the Artist Rookley
a Photo from the Artist A Girl Called Frank
A photo from the Artist Zekt