Dalee is the modern day Audrey Hepburn, combining an avid fighting spirit with a bright naiveté. Taking up Viola at the age of 6, she began piano lessons three years later and by 14 was composing original material on guitar.

Since then Dalee has been inessantly and uncompromisingly driving her musical career forward.„I'm taking the audience on a journey, a journey shared for everyone“ she says. Through her songs, Dalee makes contact with her listeners 'most fundamental emotions. She tells stories about the set backs in life,and how they can be over come with an open heart.„I remember learning alot about professionality and perseverance back in London,“she remembers.„It was where It as ted blood for the first time“. Currently she is working on her debut album,which combines her arabic roots with the modern neo-soul sound.

If you were to describe Dalee's lyrics in one word, it would be „pure“. A purity arising from an honest and sincere perspective that lets the listener feel understood. On the stage Dalee is a dominating presence, spreading an elegant sensuality whose power is exceeded only by her voice, a tool she uses to communicate the sense of clarity and determination so strongly reflected in her lyrics.