A Girl Called Frank


A Girl Called Frank learned at an early age that life can be harsh, but is always beautiful.

As a love child of an army colonel's daughter and Finnish soldier serving in the Soviet army, Frank's life was a fight for creative space straight from the beginning. At the age of 5, she was brought to Germany from Russia, and around that day her singing talent was discovered: Her teachers in Russia told her mother that there was something about her voice, a brilliant potential “like an uncut diamond”. Her mother took her to singing classes, and since these early days, Frank did not cease to round out her vocal powerfulness.

Unremitting exercise made her strong, for she wanted to exceed herself and overcome the injustice she had seen since she was a child. Now her voice acts like a guidance, and through her songs, Frank can show that the world may be a rough place and that there's darkness all around us - but within, there's good. In freedom, in feeling alive in spite of all the conflicts our lives include,A Girl Called Frank seeks to find the grain of gold and proclaim it in her lyrics.

Her serious and disciplined approach to music and art conveys the impression of heaviness with her, like of an old, tormented soul in her young, radiant bright features. FRANK's writings express a strong pop character, but underneath the catchy melodies and shining sparkles, her lyrics underline a dark and serious worldview.