Label & Publishing

Rookley has created music for over 5 years now, discovering the ends and beginnings of electronic music for himself. The project took off when he released his first single “Melatonin” in 2018, which featured on multiple video soundtracks. Since then, a series of EPs and singles succeeded each other.

Inspired by the British-German club scene and sound design, he incorporates moody atmospheres often made of vocals samples and rhythm chops from movies and recordings, a sort of public language made of audio which he translates into music.


Rookley makes his music to release his inner movements. Open rhythmic creations, made by drum patterns and atmospheric melody lines. In his creation process, he starts with the drums, which he might take out of a slamming door sample from a movie, and bends the shape of each sound to carry his personal message. A great attention is dedicated to the research of vocals too, adapting and reinventing them, sometimes even turning them into instruments.

This is audible in his newest releases: UK-Garageand Techno-influenced tracks combining a urban atmosphere with field recordings, driven by Rookley’s urge for innovation.

Rookley is inspired by the techno scene as much as by the big composers of soundtracks and scores: references as Fjaak or Paula Temple, Four Tet, Lorn, Burial as well as sci-fi movie soundtracks and 90’s cinema are the fields he’s in comfort with.