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Rookley, sonorous incarnation of Brooklyn, has not always been a New York based Producer.

Making all his way from a small city in the south of Europe, he finally found his vein, settling in a NY apartment. Rookley is connected to street art as much as to electronica, he mirrors atmospheres from all around the city and combines them in an organic and playful way, leaving one with the impression of how much Rookley knows himself as well as he knows the void, the one that's waiting, in all of us.

Rookley brings out the things that have to be said about the city but can’t, in his music.
He wraps dark alley entrees into singing synth, street sayings into bass rhythm, and the colours he sees in compositions of time.

Initiated in NY, Rookley puts together his poetic view on life evolving on the street and blooming in the roughness of Brooklyn-style red brick. His sound can be described as organic, knocking synth-and-bass combos that go together with soft guitar blinks. Rookley has always followed a path of his own, even if it meant facing himself, and forgetting everything he had known to this point. He worked hard, to develop his own thoughts, mind and his sound. "I remember the order established in my mind". There is no face to the Rookley-project, in his desire to put music before everything else, the only connotations brought from him are the many videos, collages and street interventions.